Why Quiet Deluxe? What does it mean?

I’m a writer. In 2012, I was gifted a vintage Royal Quiet Deluxe typewriter from the late 1940’s. It is just gorgeous to me. The glass-topped keys and old-fashioned commands like “Shift Freedom” just make it so endearing.

I just liked the words. I liked them together, and I imagine if the Internet had existed when Royal was making the Quiet DeLuxe models, they probably would have owned this domain.

Sometimes, someone will ask what the name means. The typewriter thing is usually lost on them, but it always makes me think about the first time I popped open that case and that typewriter sat there beckoning for someone, anyone, to write something…for it had been so long.

So, behind the scenes the writer, Quiet Deluxe, is also an artist.